Cantonese (yuec1235-1)

Dialect: Cantonese

Bauer, Robert S.; Matthews, Stephen. Cantonese. 2003. hh:s:BauerMatthews:Cantonese

Consonants (19)

p t k kʷʰ
tsʰ ts
f s
m n ŋ
j w h

Vowels (11)

i y u
ɛ œ ɔ
a ɐ̆

Syllabic consonants (2)

Tones (7)

˥ ˥˨ ˧ ˨ ˨˥ ˨˧ ˨˩


Long vowels are given here as vowels of normal length; short vowels are given here with the extra-short diacritic.

The short vowels /e o/ only appear in the rimes [ej eʲŋ eʲk] and [ow oʷŋ oʷk] respectively, so they could also be given as ĕi ŏu. The short vowel /ɵ/ only appears in the rimes /ɵɥ ɵn ɵt/, so ɵ > ɵɥ / _# could be given as a rule instead of having /j/ round after /ɵ/. But we follow the source here.

Initial /j w/ are "articulated with some friction".

The entering tones /55 33 22/, which only occur with a final stop, aren't included in the tone inventory here.

Allophonic rules