Yele (yele1255-1)

Henderson, James. Phonology and grammar of Yele, Papua New Guinea. 1995. sil16:49829

Consonants (20)

p t̪p t̠p k kp
m n̪m n̠m ŋ ŋm
j ɰ w

Vowels (37)

i ĩː ɨ ɨː (ɨ̃) u ũː
e ẽː o õː
ɛ ɛː ɜ ɜː ɜ̃ ɜ̃ː ɔ ɔː
æ æː a ãː ɑ ɑː ɑ̃ ɑ̃ː


There are somewhere between 13 and 56 consonants, depending on analysis. We follow the source here, although it's unclear why _lv_ and _vy_ should be considered units rather than /lw wj/ clusters, or why prenasalized stops and prestopped nasals should be considered clusters rather than units.

We interpret the source's /ɣ/ as an approximant /ɰ/, since it patterns with the semivowels /j w/.

Allophonic rules