Yanyuwa (yany1243-1)

Tabain, M. and Butcher, A. R.. Stop consonants in Yanyuwa and Yindjibarndi: locus equation data. 1999. ozbib:5570

Consonants (29)

p ⁿb ⁿd̪ t ⁿd ʈ ⁿɖ ȶ ⁿȡ c ⁿɟ k ⁿg
m n ɳ ȵ ɲ ŋ
ɻ j w
l ɭ ȴ

Vowels (3)

i u


Prenasalized stops are presumably voiced, although they're given as /ⁿt/ etc.

Note the contrast between alveolopalatals and dorsal palatovelars - these are given as /c ʲk/ etc. Since alveolopalatals and palatovelars contrast in Yanyuwa, IPA should represent them with different series of symbols; since it doesn't, we use the Sinological dedicated alveolopalatal symbols for the former and reserve the IPA symbols for the latter.