Hateruma (yaey1239-1)

Aso, Reiko. Hateruma (Yaeyama Ryukyuan). 2010. hh:s:Aso:Hateruma

Consonants (16)

p b t d k g
f s z
m n
j w h

Vowels (7)

i ɨ u
e o

Syllabic consonants (1)

Tones (4)

˥ ˥˩ ˥˩˥ ˩˥


"One of the striking features of Hateruma is the strong aspiration of the word-initial consonants /p, t, d, k, g, f, s/. All voiceless obstruents except /c/ and /h/ can devoice a following vowel when they are aspirated; in addition, this devoicing can also spread to a subsequent sonorant." Maybe these are [dtʰ gkʰ]...? Unclear.

Allophonic rules