Jabêm (yabe1254-1)

Ross, Malcolm. Jabêm. 2002. wals:5150

Consonants (26)

p b ⁿb ⁿbʷ t d ⁿd k g ⁿg ⁿgʷ ʔ
ⁿs s
m n ŋ
j w {h}

Vowels (7)

i u
e o
ɛ ɔ

Tones (2)

˦ ˨


/ɛ ɔ e o/ are "somewhat higher than the phonetic use of these symbols usually indicates".

The two syllables of a foot must agree in tone. Tone determines the voicing of plosives: in a foot with high tone, all stops are voiceless, whereas in a foot with low tone, all stops are voiced. Prenasalization is also a feature of the foot, but word-initial consonants are never prenasalized.

Allophonic rules