Wutung (wutu1244-1)

Marmion, Douglas E.. Topics in the Phonology and Morphology of Wutung. 2010. hh:g:Marmion:Wutung

Consonants (16)

p b t (d) {k} ʔ
f s
m n ɲ
w h

Vowels (13)

ʊ ʊ̃
e ɵ o
ɛ ɛ̃
ɐ ɐ̃

Tones (3)

˥ ˥˩ ˩


/k/ is found in only one word, _kacengceng_ 'cicada'.

Free variation isn't described for nasal vowels; here we assume it's the same as for the oral vowels, except without raised allophones. (Nasal vowels are said to be slightly more central in height than oral vowels.)

Consonant clusters: /h/ + voiced consonant, labial + /l/, /ʔ/ + voiced consonant other than /ɲ/, and /hɲdʒ hmb ʔbl ʔml hmbl/. Closed syllables only occur in five words, always with coda /m/ or /n/; in all words but /nam.hli/, this nasal coda precedes a homorganic voiced stop.

Allophonic rules