Wela (weri1253-1)

Rule, Joan. A Comparison of Certain Phonemes of the Languages of the Mendi and Nembi Valleys, Southern Highlands, Papua. 1965. hh:phon:Rule:Mendi-Nembi

Consonants (18)

p ⁿb t ⁿd k ⁿg
ɕ ʑ
m n
j w

Vowels (7)

i u
a ɑ ɒ


/o/ is given twice, once in the place of <o'> /ɒ/.

The existence of the aspirated series is unclear; possibly these should be /p b/ series instead. /kʰ/ is assumed to be aspirated by analogy with the other stops in its series. But it's implied that the gap should be in the lenis non-prenasalized series... a lot is unclear here.

/gʟ/ is given as /g/ in the chart, but described as a "uvular lateral affricate" in the text.

The allophone [tʑ] is described as "an affricate consisting of a voiceless, unaspirated, alveolar stop plus a lenis voiced, alveolo-palatal, grooved fricative".

Allophonic rules