Cangluo (tsha1245-3)

Dialect: Motuo

Namkung, Ju. Phonological Inventories of Tibeto-Burman Languages. 1996. hh:hld:Namkung:Tibeto-Burman

Consonants (29)

pʵʰ p t k ʔ
tsʰ ts {tʂʰ} {tʂ} tɕʰ
s {ʂ} ɕ
m n ȵ ŋ
ɻ j w h

Vowels (8)

i ({y}) u
e ø øe̯ o

Diphthongs (4)

iu ({ui})
ae̯ au̯

Tones (2)

˥ ˩˧


"Only nasal and glide initials occur in both tones. Voiceless affricates and fricatives have voiced allophones in low tone (except /ɕ/, whose low tone allophone has devoiced)."

Allophonic rules