Tshangla (tsha1245-1)

Andvik, Erik. Tshangla. 2003. wals:206

Consonants (33)

p b t d ʈʰ ʈ ɖ k g
tsʰ ts {dz} tɕʰ
s z ɕ {ʑ}
m n ɲ ŋ
j w h
{ɾ} (ɾˀ)

Vowels (5)

i u
e o

Diphthongs (2)

ai̯ au̯

Tones (2)

(˥) (˩)


"A high/low tone contrast is evident on some sonorant initials even in some Bhutan dialects". The Padma-bKot dialect, spoken in Tibet, has completely transphonologized initial voicing into a tonal contrast.

At least one glottalized sonorant final is present, but the source doesn't give details beyond that.

Allophonic rules