Lhasa Tibetan (tibe1272-1)

Dialect: Lhasa Tibetan

DeLancey, Scott. Lhasa Tibetan. 2003. hh:s:DeLancey:Lhasa

Consonants (30)

p t ʈʰ ʈ c k
tsʰ ts tɕʰ
s ɕ
(m̥) m n (ȵ̥) ȵ (ŋ̥) ŋ
j w h

Vowels (26)

i ĩː (y) ỹː u ũː
e ẽː (ø) øː ø̃ː o õː
(ɔ) (ɔː)
(æ) æː æ̃ː a ãː

Tones (3)

˦ ˦˨ˀ ˨


High and low tone are only contrastive on word-initial syllables and spread rightward. Falling tone is only contrastive word-finally and is otherwise usually realized as a long vowel, although in some words it can be realized as short: _bod_ /pʰø˦˨ˀ/ "Tibet" ~ _bod-pa_ /pʰøpa/ "Tibetan person". (So short fronted vowels are included here as marginally contrastive.)

Allophonic rules