Tehit (tehi1237-1)

Hesse, Ronald. Tehit. 2000. sil16:43244

Consonants (19)

ⁿp b ⁿb ⁿt t d ⁿd g ⁿg ⁿq q
ɸ s
m n
w h

Vowels (4)

e o


Syllable structure is CCVVC, but the only CC onsets are /b d g/ + /l r/. Other clusters take epenthetic schwa.

Hesse's earlier paper _Syllable Structure in Imyan Tehit_ claims that /p/ is nonexistent, has /ɸ/ for /f/, and has consonantal /w/. It's unclear how [w] is supposed to be an allophone of /o/ if it can appear preceding an epenthetic vowel.

_Syllable Structure in Imyan Tehit_ doesn't give a complete phoneme inventory, but seems to make more sense, so the inventory given here agrees with it where it and the listed source disagree.

Allophonic rules