Inanwatan (suab1238-1)

de Vries, Lourens J.. A short grammar of Inanwatan: an endangered language of the Bird's head of Papua, Indonesia. 2004. hh:s:deVries:Inanwatan

Consonants (11)

p b t d ({k}) g ʔ
ɸ s

Vowels (5)

i u
ɛ ɔ


Glottolog lists two languages for the Inanwatan family, Duriankere and Suabo. De Vries writes that "[t]he Inanwatan family has two member languages, Inanwatan and Duriankari (also spelled Duriankere)", and says that it's doubtful whether Duriankari still exists.

De Vries has /m n/ as the underlying forms, but [m n] only occur word-initially, so we give these as /w r/.

Stress is phonemic.

Allophonic rules