Qiang (sout3257-1)

Dialect: Ka'er Yonghe

Sims, Nathaniel. The suprasegmental phonology of Yonghe Qiang in typological understanding. 2017. hh:phon:Sims:Yonghe-Qiang:2017

Consonants (40)

p b t d k g q
tsʰ ts dz tʂʰ tɕʰ
s z ʂ ʐ ɕ ʑ x ɣ χ ʁ
m n ȵ
ɻ j w h ɦ

Vowels (14)

i ɨ ɨʵ u
ɛ ɛʵ ɔ ɔʵ
æ ɑ

Tones (1)



Glottal stops are inserted before phrase-initial vowels, and may also be inserted after phrase-final vowels.

Simplex disyllables have three surface melodies, analyzed as coming from the interaction of accent (stress) placement and a phonemic low tone.

Unaccented vowels are subject to devoicing in some unspecified environment: "low vowels are slightly devoiced; mid vowels are more devoiced than the low vowels; high vowels ... are even further reduced; schwa is often deleted entirely."

Allophonic rules