South Watut (sout2877-1)

Dialect: Kumwats

Holzknecht, Susanne. The Markham languages of Papua New Guinea. 1989. hh:hvphon:Holzknecht:Markham

Consonants (19)

p b ⁿb t d ⁿd k g ⁿg ʔ
f s
m n ŋ
j w

Vowels (4)

i u


The merger of /t c/ and /d j/ (i.e. /t ts/ and /d dz/) may mean there's also a merger between /nd/ and /nj/, but it's not explicitly mentioned, so /ⁿdz/ is given here just in case.

/e/ only appears in two words, both of which are probably loans.

Allophonic rules