Qiang (sout2728-5)

Dialect: Longxi

Zheng, Wuxi. A Grammar of Longxi Qiang. 2016. hh:g:Zheng:Longxi-Qiang:2016

Consonants (39)

p b t k g q
ts̪ʰ ts̪ (dz̪) {tʂʰ} {tʂ} tɕʰ
{f} v z ʂ {ʐ} ɕ {x} χ ʁ
(m̥) m n ȵ (ŋ̥) ŋ
ɹ j w

Vowels (9)

i y u
e ə əʵ o

Diphthongs (3)

ei̯ ou̯

Tones (4)

˥ ˥˩ ˧ ˨˩˧


As usual, we assume /j w/ instead of rising diphthongs. This is a little more difficult for Longxi Qiang, because both /iua/ and /ya/ exist, but /ya/ only appears after the ɕ-series, and this grammar contains no examples of /ua/ (or /ue/; /ye/ is also listed, with the same restricted distribution) following that series.

Allophonic rules