Qiang (sout2728-2)

Dialect: Longxi

Evans, Jonathan. Introduction to Qiang Phonology and Lexicon: Synchrony and Diachrony. 1999.

Consonants (39)

p b t d k g q
tsʰ ts dz tɕʰ
{f} (v) s z ɕ χ ʁ
m n ȵ̥ ȵ ŋ̥ ŋ
ɹ j w (h) ɦ

Vowels (19)

i {ĩ} y ɨ (ɨ̥) u
e {ẽ} ə̥ əʵ {ə̃} o (õ)
(æ) {æ̃} ɑ (ɑ̃)

Diphthongs (5)

ei̯ eu̯ {õu̯}
{ai̯} {ao̯}

Tones (5)

˥ (˥˩) ˧ (˧˥) (˩˧)


"Voiceless vowels in LX and MC are characteristic of certain syllables. They are not truly distinctive (no minimal pairs), but are stable non-predictable features in some words."

Allophonic rules