Kere (sina1271-1)

Rarrick, Samantha Carol. A tonal grammar of Kere (Papuan) in typological perspective. 2017. hh:phon:Rarrick:Kere

Consonants (14)

p b t d k g
m n ŋ
j w

Vowels (5)

i u
ɛ ɔ

Tones (2)

˥ ˩


Not sure about these plosive lenition rules. There are additional rules that are hard to code in the current system; for example, any vowel apparently may be deleted before a sonorant, including an epenthetic semivowel. Most of the given examples of vowel deletion use /i/, however, so this is given here.

Maximal syllable structure is CCVC, but CC onsets are constrained: obstruent + sonorant, /sk/, or plosive + /b/.

Allophonic rules