Sida (sila1247-1)

Badenoch, Nathan; Hayashi, Norihiko. Phonological sketch of the Sida language of Luang Namtha, Laos. 2017. hh:phon:BadenochHayashi:Sida

Consonants (20)

p t k
f s x ɣ
m n ȵ ŋ
j w

Vowels (24)

i y ɯ ɯ̰ u
e ø ø̰ ɤ ɤ̰ o
ɛ ɛ̰ ɔ ɔ̰
a ɐ ɐ̰

Diphthongs (4)

{ai̯} {ao̯} {ɐi̯}

Syllabic consonants (1)

Tones (3)

˥ ˧ ˧˩


Nasalized vowels also exist, but no inventory is given and they're rare outside Chinese borrowings.

/ɣ/ can only appear before /ɯ/.

Allophonic rules