Choyu (quey1238-2)

Dialect: gYanglagshis

Suzuki, Hiroyuki; Wangmo, Sonam. An outline of the sound structure of Lhagang Choyu: A newly recognised highly endangered language in Khams Minyag. 2019.

Consonants (50)

p b t d k g q ɢ
tsʰ ts dz tʂʰ tʃʰ tɕʰ
v s z ʂ ʃ ʒ ɕ ʑ x ɣ χ ʁ
ɬ ɮ
m n ȵ̥ ȵ ŋ̥ ŋ
j w

Vowels (10)

i y ɯ u
e ə o
ɛ ɔ

Diphthongs (1)


Tones (4)

˥ ˧ ˧˩ ˩˧


'Complex vowels' are /ie iɛ io ue uɛ ua uə ye yə/ in addition to /ei/. Prenasalized consonants are said to exist, in addition to a wide variety of initial clusters, but are not listed.

/˧/ is listed as 'atonal 33', probably representing tonelessness.