Puluwatese (pulu1242-1)

Lynch, John. Puluwatese. 2002. hh:s:Lynch:Puluwatese

Consonants (32)

p pʷː t k
f ({s}) ({sː})
m mʷː n ŋ ŋː
j w h
ɾ ɾː

Vowels (18)

i ɨ ɨː u
e ə əː o
ɔ ɔː
æ æː a


Geminates can occur word-initially.

A length distinction is said to exist for all consonants except /w j/. This apparently *does* apply to the rhotics. (But see pulu1242-2 -- in Elbert's grammar, the phoneme given here as a tap is described as sounding like the "American r", i.e. an approximant)

Allophonic rules