Pacoh (paco1243-1)

Alves, Mark John. A grammar of Pacoh: a Mon-Khmer language of the central highlands of Vietnam. 2006. hh:g:Alves:Pacoh:2006

Consonants (23)

p b t d c ɟ k ʔ
m n ɲ ŋ
j w h

Vowels (24)

i ɨ ɨː u
e ḛː ə ə̰ əː ə̰ː o o̰ː
ɛ ɛː ɔ ɔː

Diphthongs (6)

iə̯ː ḭə̯ː ɨə̯ː ɨ̰ə̯ː uə̯ː ṵə̯ː


Nasals in presyllable peak or coda position assimilate in place to following consonants.

A narrowly phonetic analysis is used here; a deeper analysis would assign the mid-creaky and low series +RTR.

Open presyllables can take the vowels /i a u/. Closed presyllables have no vowel contrast, and only take schwa.

Consonant clusters in native words are /kl kr pl pr tr/.

Glottalized sonorants only appear word-finally.

Allophonic rules