Ura (nort2935-1)

Shigeno, Hiromi. Ura (Amami Ryukyuan). 2010. hh:s:Shigeno:Ura

Consonants (22)

p ˀp b t ˀt d k ˀk g
ts ˀts dz
m ˀm n ˀn
j ˀj w ˀw

Vowels (7)

i ɨ u
e ə o


Preglottalized consonants, which can only appear word-initially, are analyzed as /ʔC/ sequences here, but it seems better for comparative purposes to assign each one phonemic value. It's unclear which preglottalized consonants exist, however; here we assume the same inventory as our guess for sout2954-1, which provides a little more information.

Allophonic rules