Bai (nort2724-4)

Dialect: Tuoluo

Wang, Feng. Comparison of Languages in Contact: The Distillation Method and the Case of Bai. 2006. hh:hvw:Wang:Bai

Consonants (35)

p b t d k g q
tsʰ ts tʂʰ tɕʰ
v s z ʂ ʐ ɕ ʑ x ɣ ʁ
m n ŋ
j w h

Vowels (10)

i ɯ u
e əʵ o
ɛ ɔ

Diphthongs (1)


Tones (5)

˥ ˦˨ ˧ ˧˥ ˨˩

Allophonic rules