Nias Selatan (nias1242-1)

Brown, Lea. A Grammar of Nias Selatan. 2001. wals:809

Consonants (22)

b t d dr k g ʔ
f (v) s x
m n
ʋ j w h
ʙ r

Vowels (6)

e ɤ o

Diphthongs (12)

i̯a i̯o u̯a u̯e
ɤi̯ ɤu̯ oi̯ ou̯
ae̯ ai̯ ao̯ au̯


Affrication in /tʃ dʒ/ is "perceptually much shorter" than affrication in English /tʃ dʒ/, so we give alternate representations /ȶ ȡ/.

/u/ is "often articulated with the lower lip raised to form a slightly pouting posture with the upper lip, so that the inside of the lip is close to or touching the top teeth". In some dialects, it mutates preceding /t d/ to [tp db], [tf dv], [tsf dzv], or [pf bv]. So it's probably /ꭒ/, or more accurately an un-fricated /ʋ̩/.

Allophonic rules