Middle Watut (midd1327-1)

Holzknecht, Susanne. The Markham languages of Papua New Guinea. 1989. hh:hvphon:Holzknecht:Markham

Consonants (24)

ⁿp p b ⁿb ⁿt t d ⁿd k ⁿk g ⁿg
ⁿts ts dz ⁿdz
f s
m n ŋ
j w

Vowels (5)

i u
e o


"/r/: [r]-[l] freely, but in verb prefixes the sound /r/ is usually realised as [l], whereas in

other instances, e.g. in kinship terms, it is usually realised as [r]. An explanation for this

is that the sets of verb prefixes are very complex and are features which are not shared

with neighbours outside the Watut, and consequently retain an original [1]. However

kinship terms are cognate with those of all the neighbours, and their realisation with the [r] allophone is a shared feature."

Allophonic rules