Manambu (mana1298-1)

Aikhenvald, Alexandra. The Manambu language of East Sepik, Papua New Guinea. 2008. hh:g:Aikhenvald:Manambu

Consonants (24)

p {b} ⁿb ⁿbʷ t {d} ⁿd k {g} ⁿg ⁿgʷ
v s
m n ɲ
j w (h)

Vowels (11)

i u
{e} ə {o}
æ æː a ɑː


Word-final voiceless plosives are unreleased except after long vowels. /v/ only contrasts with /p/ in word- and root-initial position, except in "a very slow register".

/pʷ bʷ/ can only occur word-finally or followed by /i ə/, but there's no contrast between /pʷə bʷə/ and /pu bu/.

Allophonic rules