Mambay (mamb1294-1)

Anonby, Erik John. Illustrations of the IPA: Mambay. 2006. sil16:48227

Consonants (26)

p b ɓ t d k g gb kp (ʔ)
f v s z
m n ŋ
j ˀj̰ w ˀw̰ h
ⱱ̟ ɽ

Vowels (32)

i ḭˀ ḭ̃ˀ ĩː u ṵˀ ṵ̃ˀ ũː
e ḛˀ ḛ̃ˀ ẽˤ o o̰ˀ õ̰ˀ õˤ
a a̰ˀ ã̰ˀ ãˤ ãː

Tones (2)

˥ ˩


Length is neutralized in pharyngealized and laryngealized vowels. Pharyngealized vowels are realized as mid, but Anonby analyzes them as underlyingly high because they can take nasalization.

"Among most speakers, a phonological sequence which contains a preglottalized palatal semivowel followed by a nasalized and pharyngealized high vowel is pronounced as a syllabic nasalized voiced aryepiglottic trill (sometimes non-technically referred to as an epiglottal trill) with an epiglottal stop onset."

Tone is complicated.

Allophonic rules