Tirax (maee1241-1)

Brotchie, Amanda. Tirax grammar and narrative: An Oceanic language spoken on Malakula, North Central Vanuatu. 2009. hh:g:Brotchie:Tirax

Consonants (15)

ⁿb ⁿd̪ k ⁿg
β s x
m ŋ
w h

Vowels (7)

i u
e o
ɛ ɔ

Syllabic consonants (5)

l̪̩ n̪̩ ŋ̩


Consonant clusters are typically broken up with an epenthetic schwa.

Coda clusters are /lv dr/. Initial triconsonantal clusters are /brt vrk/ and all /Cdr/ where C is not an oral stop.

Allophonic rules