Kirikiri (kiri1256-1)

Clouse, Heljä; Clouse, Duane. Kirikiri and the Western Lakes Plain Languages: Selected Phonological Phenomena. 1993. hh:hphon:ClouseClouse:WLakes-Plain

Consonants (6)

b t d k
ɸ s

Vowels (7)

i u
ɛ ɔ

Diphthongs (9)

eɿ̯ (eꭒ̯) oi oɿ̯ oꭒ̯
ai̯ aɿ̯ au aꭒ̯

Tones (4)

˥ ˥˩ ˩ ˩˥


Interpretation of the source is very difficult. Rising diphthongs exist, but it's hard to tell which.

The clusters /bl ɸl/ exist. There may be more. Presumably these are to be analyzed as /bd ɸd/? In the Faia dialect, they're realized as [m ʰn].

No information on tone is given; here we assume the seemingly standard Lakes Plain four-tone system.

Allophonic rules