Kazakh (kaza1248-1)

McCollum, Adam G.; Chen, Si. Kazakh. 2020.

Consonants (23)

p b k g q
{f} {v} ʃ ʒ χ ʁ
m ŋ
j w {h}

Vowels (10)

ii̯ uu̯
ɪ ʏ ʊ
ə ɵ o
æ ɑ

Diphthongs (1)



"...among the voiced plosives, /g/ is prevoiced more noticeably than /d̪/ or /b/. As for the voiceless plosives, /p/ is realized with more aspiration than /t̪/, /k/, or /q/."

/ɵ/ is placed at the same height as /ɪ ʏ ʊ/ in the vowel chart. /æ/ is slightly diphthongized, but given as a monophthong. /ii̯ uu̯/ are given as /i͡j u͡w/ in the source, but it's unclear if these are phonetically different from [i u].

Maximum syllable structure is CVCC. CC codas must be of the form C[sonorant αplace]C[-voice αplace].

Allophonic rules