Kara (kara1486-1)

Schlie, Perry; Schlie, Virginia. A Kara phonology. 1993. sil16:34138

Consonants (15)

b d g
ɸ β s ɣ
m n ŋ

Vowels (9)

i u
ɪ ʊ
e ə o


Mid lax vowels in open syllables are marginal. /ɛ/ occurs in two morphemes even in open syllables, so is accepted here as a phoneme; /ɔ/ only occurs in open syllables due to allophonic effects and reduplication (of /au/), so it isn't.

High vowels only contrast for tenseness in closed syllables; if high tense vowels in closed syllables are actually VV sequences, /ɪ ʊ/ can be analyzed away.

Allophonic rules