Kanite (kani1286-1)

Young, Rosemary. The phonemes of Kanite, Kamano, Benabena, and Gahuku. 1962. sil16:12839

Consonants (12)

p b t k ʔ
f s
m n
j h

Vowels (6)

i u
e o

Diphthongs (4)

ʌi̯ ʌu̯
ai̯ au̯

Tones (2)

˥ ˩


High tone is stated to contrast with either low tone or tonelessness; the former interpretation is taken here.

<b> is probably a fricative, since it seems to represent one in the other three languages described.

A page may be missing from the archive.org copy of the source.

Allophonic rules