Kabardian (kaba1278-1)

Colarusso, John. A North West Caucasian Reader. 1999.

Consonants (49)

p b t d c ɟ kʷʼ q qʷʼ ʔ ʔʷ
ts tsʼ dz
f v s z ʃ ʒ ɕ ɕʼ ʑ ç ʝ χ ʁ χʷ ʁʷ ħ ʕ
ɬ ɬʼ ɮ
m n
j w h

Vowels (2)



IPHON transcribes NWC vowels narrowly - they're higher than the conventional symbols /a ə/ indicate.

It's unclear whether the 'running man' letters (ƛ λ) represent fricatives or affricates. They typically represent affricates, but in other inventories in the source they're said to represent fricatives.

Allophonic rules