Huli (huli1244-1)

Lomas, Gabe. The Huli language of Papua New Guinea. 1988. hh:g:Lomas:Huli

Consonants (31)

p ⁿb ⁿbʷ t̪ʰ t̪ʷʰ t̪ʷ ⁿd ⁿdʷ k ⁿg kʷʰ ⁿgʷ
ⁿdʑ dʑʷ
(χʷ) (ʁʷ) ħ
m n ȵ
ɾ ɾʷ
ɺ ɺʷ

Vowels (10)

i u
ɛ ɛ̃ ɔ ɔ̃

Tones (4)

˥˩ ˧ ˩˥ ˩˥˩


Lomas claims an underlying plosive voicing contrast, but this may be for typological simplicity. Given that voiceless plosives are frequently aspirated and voiced plosives are frequently devoiced, we take aspiration as contrastive in addition to voicing, and give voiced non-prenasalized plosives only where they're noted as always taking a voiced realization.

The phone [pʷ] only appears in one word, and there word-initially; presumably this should be unified with word-internal [bʷ].

Allophonic rules