Mee (ekar1243-1)

Staroverov, Peter; Tebay, Sören. Posterior Affricate in Mee and Consonant-Vowel Place Interactions. 2018.

Consonants (10)

p b t d k
m n
j w

Vowels (10)

i u
e o

Diphthongs (5)

ei̯ eu̯ ou̯
ai̯ au̯

Tones (2)

˥ ˥˩


The Mee tonal system isn't described here; according to _On the Analysis of Tone in Mee (Ekari, Ekagi, Kapauku)_ (Hyman and Kobepa 2012,, there are two word-level tonal patterns, and a third that's only distinguished by alternation before enclitics. For simplicity, and since word-level tones are hard to represent in IPHON's model, these are given as two tones, ˥˩ and ˥.

"Short /i e/ are reduced and highly lateralized after [gʟ]".

Allophonic rules