Doutai (dout1240-1)

Clouse, Heljä; Clouse, Duane. Kirikiri and the Western Lakes Plain Languages: Selected Phonological Phenomena. 1993. hh:hphon:ClouseClouse:WLakes-Plain

Consonants (9)

ɓ t ɗ k ɠ
ɸ s
j w

Vowels (7)

i u
ɛ ɔ

Tones (4)

˥ ˥˩ ˩ ˩˥


The source is very difficult to interpret. No information is given on diphthongs or tones; tonal information is taken from The Languages of Northwest New Guinea, Foley, William A. in The Languages and Linguistics of the New Guinea Area, Palmer, Bill (ed.)

There are no nasals even at the phonetic level.

According to Foley, /w j/ "may be an artifact of analysis".

Allophonic rules