Dhao (dhao1237-1)

Grimes, Charles E.. Hawu and Dhao in eastern Indonesia: revisiting their relationship. 2006. sil16:47331

Consonants (27)

p b ɓ t d ɗ ɖ ʄ k g ɠ ʔ
{f} s
m n ɲ ŋ
{j} {w} h ɦ

Vowels (6)

i u
e ə o


/ɦ|ʕ/ is given as /ʁ/, but described as "articulated by some speakers as a pharyngeal

constriction to a vowel onset, and by other speakers as a lack of a glottal stop onset (contrasting with a glottal stop onset) to a vowel-initial word in a phrase".

Consonants are geminated after a "stressed schwa in a VCV# sequence"..

Allophonic rules