Deuri (deor1238-1)

Namkung, Ju. Phonological Inventories of Tibeto-Burman Languages. 1996. hh:hld:Namkung:Tibeto-Burman

Consonants (23)

p b t d k g
f s (z) ʃ
m n ȵ ŋ
j h

Vowels (24)

i ĩː u ũː
e ẽː ə ə̃ o õː
æ æ̃ ãː ɒː ɒ̃ː

Diphthongs (8)

ei̯ ẽi̯ oi̯ õi̯
ai̯ au̯ ãi̯ ãu̯


It's unclear what <dh> is supposed to be. The value given here is probably wrong.

Acutes are assumed here to represent long vowels, and å is assumed to be long. This may not be correct, but Namkung's suggested vowel inventory seems a little too large.

Nasalized vowels are noted to exist, but no inventory is given. Here it's assumed that all vowels can be nasalized.

Allophonic rules