Pitu Ulunna Salu (bamb1270-1)

Dialect: Salumokanam

Campbell, Philip J.. Phonology of Pitu Ulunna Salu. In Workpapers in Indonesian Languages and Culture 12, pp. 1-52. 1991. wals:919

Consonants (14)

p b t d k g
β s
m n ŋ

Vowels (6)

i u
e o
æ a


/p t k l s h β m n ŋ/ can be geminated word-internally, and the clusters /mp nt ŋk mb nd ŋg/ also occur, but the only consonants that can occur word-finally are /k/ [ʔ] and /m/.

There are various seemingly morphophonological rules given in the source, which we don't list as allophonic rules.

A "weak glottal stop" occurs between identical vowels.

Allophonic rules