Paha Buyang (baha1256-1)

Li, Jinfang; Luo, Yongxian. Notes on Paha Buyang. 2006. hh:s:LiLuo:Paha-Buyang

Consonants (59)

p b pʲʰ bʲʱ pʷʰ t d k g kʷʰ q ʔ
tɕʰ tɕʷ
f θ (ðʱ) ð θʷ ðʷ ɕ ɕʷ ɣ ʁ
m n ȵ̥ ȵ ŋ̥ ŋ ŋʷ
j ɥ ʍ w h

Vowels (12)

i ɯ ɯː u
e ə o
ɛː ɔː

Diphthongs (1)


Tones (7)

˥ ˦˥ ˧ ˧˨ ˧˩ ˨˦ ˩


Diphthongs are assumed to be VC sequences, except for /ia/. This is also the only diphthong that can take a final consonant, although this is limited to -n and mainly in Chinese loans.

/˧˨/ is given as /322/.

Allophonic rules