Awara (awar1248-1)

Quigley, Edward C.. Awara Phonology. 2003. hh:phon:Quigley:Awara

Consonants (25)

{p} ⁿb {t} ⁿd {k} ⁿg kʷʰ ⁿgʷ (ʔ)
β {f} s (ʃ) ɣ
m n ŋ (ŋʷ)
j h

Vowels (6)

i u
e ə o

Diphthongs (1)



/ə/ is shorter than the other vowels.

/ŋ l ɣ/ can't occur initially in native words.

The voiceless series is analyzed here as aspirated because loans have a distinct unaspirated, unvoiced series (see section 10.2) - e.g. [ɛlɪsəpɛt] < _Elizabeth_, [kalapus] < _kalabus_. The voiceless labiovelar is also assumed to be aspirated.

Allophonic rules