Aralle-Tabulahan (aral1243-1)

McKenzie, R.. Phonology of Aralle-Tabulahan. Workpapers in Indonesian Languages and Culture 12, pp. 99-149. 1991. wals:4035

Consonants (12)

p b d k
m n ŋ
j h

Vowels (6)

i u
e o
æ ɑ


Voiceless geminates in Aralle are realized as hC sequences in Tabulahan.

/t/ is described as a "voiceless dental plosive", but /d/ is described as a "voiceless alveolar plosive".

A "weak glottal stop" separates adjacent identical vowels.

Stress is predictable: on the penult except for distal vocatives (final), enclitics, and a + V sequences in rapid speech where V would otherwise be stressed. Stressed vowels are slightly lengthened.

Allophonic rules