Araki (arak1252-1)

François, Alexandre. Araki: a disappearing language of Vanuatu. 2002. wals:1964

Consonants (16)

p t k
β s ð̼
m n ŋ

Vowels (5)

i u
e o


Apicolabials can't precede rounded vowels.

François gives /ts/ as the underlying form of the affricate, but it's usually realized as postalveolar or alveolopalatal, so /tʃ/ is given here.

Stress is usually predictable, but marginally contrastive due to final high vowel deletion: _mo tapaiá_ "he found me" vs. _mo tapaía_ "he found him/her". (The 1SG object suffix -á corresponds to -au in Tangoa, and stress is regularly penultimate.)

Internal clusters: /ŋŋ ll ls lt ml pɾ rk rn sm sr βtʃ βs βt/.

Initial clusters: /kl ltʃ lp ml nɾ nk nr pɾ pl rk sl sn βtʃ βs/ - e.g. /rkel/ 'reach', /ltʃeŋ/ 'strike', /nreɾan/ 'sometimes', /nɾa/ 'they'. Other clusters exist in Bislama loans: /smat/ 'smart', /store/ 'story', /skul/ 'church'.

Allophonic rules