Angave (anka1246-1)

Speece, Richard F.. Phonological processes affecting segments in Angave. 1988. silpng:silpng1956-1990:linguistics_and_anthropology777

Consonants (19)

p ⁿb t ⁿd k ⁿg ⁿgʷ q ʔ
m n ŋ ŋʷ
j w (o̯)

Vowels (6)

i u
e ə o


There are two words in which alveolars occur preceding /i/, so alveolopalatals could be marginally phonemic.

/o̯/ is included here based on the description in Speece, Richard F. 1987. How shall we write what was left when the labialized post velar lost its velar?. In John M. Clifton (ed.), Studies in Melanesian orthographies, 45-55. Ukarumpa: Summer Institute of Linguistics.

/ɾ/ is included on the grounds of six forms with initial /t/ that never alternate with /ɾ/.

It's unclear what the phonetic nature of the contrast is between the (stated to be coronal) palatalized velars and the alveolopalatals.

All /æ ɔ/ are analyzed in the source as /ea oa/.

/ʔ/ is analyzed as a suprasegmental.

Allophonic rules