Alekano (alek1238-1)

Deibler, Ellis W.. Alekano Organised Phonology Data. 1992.

Consonants (12)

p t k
β s z ɣ
m n
(w) h

Vowels (10)

i ɯ ɯˀ
e ɤ ɤˀ

Diphthongs (7)

ei̯ eu̯ ɤi̯ ɤu̯
ai̯ au̯

Tones (2)

˥ ˩


/w/ is found only in the village name Wanima and its derivations, and in "Pidgin loanwords".

Rather than listing the glottal stop as a consonant, Deibler lists a complete series of "vowels with glottal closure" and notes that this glottal vowel closure was previously described as a consonant. These are notated here as glottalized vowels.

Allophonic rules