Alamblak (alam1246-1)

Bruce, Les. The Alamblak language of Papua New Guinea (East Sepik). 1984. wals:814

Consonants (18)

p b t d k g
(tʃ) (dʒ)
ɸ s (ʃ) x
m n (ɲ)
j w

Vowels (7)

i ɨ u
e ə o


/s ʃ tʃ/ are in free variation in certain words, but not others: [na{s ʃ tʃ}uŋˈgwaɾɨm] 'guardian spirits', but [suit] 'skirt'. In some words, only /s ʃ/ are in free variation: [ˈsuɣ] ~ [ˈʃuɣ] 'fall'.

ɨ harmony may apply to allophones aside from ʊ ŏ; the text is unclear.

Allophonic rules