Akoye (akoy1238-2)

Whitney, Henry. Akoye Organised Phonology Data. 1992.

Consonants (10)

p t k {ʔ}
f s
m n {ŋ}

Vowels (6)

i u
e ə o

Tones (2)

˦ ˨


"We have little knowledge of the tone system."

The glottal stop and velar nasal "occur mostly in loanwords from Kapau."

Length and blocking of the voicing rule are attributed in the phonemicization of the sample text to a glottal stop preceding the consonant, although "it is unsure what the blocking segment has been (sic)".

/j/ is given in the phonemicization of the sample text, but not in the inventory.

Very little information on allophones is given; see [[akoy1238-1]] for more details. There are just enough examples to justify including the variation in realization of /t/, but it isn't explicitly mentioned.

The diphthongs /ai əi oi au/ are listed in the text, but are stated to block the voicing rule (suggesting that they're instead VC sequences) and aren't present in Whitney's later analysis of Akoye, so they're omitted from the inventory given here.

The syllable patterns given are all V-final, but word-final consonants occur in the sample text. There's also the word /eʔkən/, but this may be a misphonemicization of the apostrophe used in cases where voicing is blocked.

Allophonic rules