Akha (akha1245-2)

Namkung, Ju. Phonological Inventories of Tibeto-Burman Languages. 1996. hh:hld:Namkung:Tibeto-Burman

Consonants (33)

p b pʲʰ t d tʲʰ k g
tsʰ ts dz
s z sʲʰ x ɣ
m n ŋ
j h

Vowels (12)

i y ɯ u
e ø ɤ o
ɛ ɔ

Syllabic consonants (1)

Tones (5)

˥ ˧ ˧̠ ˩ ˩̠


Since laryngealization can't co-occur with high tone, it's analyzed here as a feature of the tonal system.

Initial voiceless consonants are aspirated in non-laryngealized syllables and unaspirated in laryngealized ones, so it's unclear whether they're phonemic.