Adzera (adze1240-2)

Howard, David. Adzera Organised Phonology Data. 2003. silpng:silpng2001-2003:55

Consonants (23)

ⁿp p b ⁿt t d k ⁿk g ⁿʔ ʔ
f s
m n ŋ
j w (h)

Vowels (3)

i u

Diphthongs (2)

ai̯ au̯


Length, /ⁿdʒ/, /u/ as distinct from /o/, and voiced prenasalized stops in general are said not to be phonemic.

Diphthongs may be vowel sequences.

Maximum syllable structure is CCVC, but CC sequences other than Cr (where this C is not /ʔ ⁿʔ n w j/ or the dubious /ⁿdʒ/) occur only at morpheme boundaries or due to reduplication.

Allophonic rules