Adzera (adze1240-1)

Holzknecht, K.G.. The phonemes of the Adzera language. 1973. hh:phon:Holzknecht:Adzera

Consonants (27)

ⁿp p b ⁿb ⁿt t d ⁿd k ⁿk g ⁿg ⁿʔ ʔ
ⁿts ts dz ⁿdz
f s
m n ŋ
j w h

Vowels (7)

i u


The prenasalized glottal stop is realized [ŋʔ]. The degree of aspiration in the voiceless series varies by dialect. Very little allophonic information is given.

Maximum syllable structure is C(r|w)VC, but most -C can only occur word-finally; the only word-medial C.C clusters mentioned are /ŋb mw ŋw/.

Allophonic rules